你好世界:在机器时代如何成为人类,Hannah Fry
《你好世界》是一本关于数据伦理问题的著作。Mathematician and presenter Hannah Fry leads us through the not-too-distant worlds of AI politics, healthcare and culture, probing the complex roles of data and algorithms through a range of eye-opening examples. “AI”是一个被广泛使用但经常被误解的术语,在这里,FLY轻松地阐述了它的影响。
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有线图书俱乐部:我们正在阅读《你好世界》,由Hannah Fry
有线图书俱乐部:我们正在阅读《你好世界》,由Hannah Fry
有线图书俱乐部:我们正在阅读《你好世界》,由Hannah Fry

有线图书俱乐部:我们正在阅读《你好世界》,由Hannah Fry
新黑暗时代:技术与未来的终结,James Bridle
The subject of artist and writer James Bridle’s first book is the ungraspable nature of the modern age. He argues that we are unable to understand the technological systems that underpin society, but instead of smashing the looms, we should work in coalitions to reclaim the network we’re all tangled within. 这是一个让人不安但很有见识的读物。
野餐逗号闪电:寻找新的现实,Laurence Scott
Laurence Scott’s book on the signs and symbols of the digital age is insightful, in part for its academic nuance but also for its humane, personal style. In trying to make sense of the digital world, Scott takes on everything from the Internet of Things to the changing nature of truth. 二十一世纪的现实冥想。
Technically Wrong: Sexist Apps, Biased Algorithms, and Other Threats of Toxic Tech, by Sara Wachter-Boettcher
Sara Wachter-Boettcher sets out to demystify the insidious power of algorithms in this illuminating study of tech design. Thoughtful and entertaining, the book encourages its readers to give their apps a critical eye, considering the many ways biased programming can influence users. 这一论点在技术产业中具有更大的多样性,这是对武器的一个重要要求。
Stephen Hawking的大问题简略解答
Billed by its publisher as the final book from Stephen Hawking, this posthumous collection of essays is personal and wide-ranging, structured around questions posited to the cosmologist during his lifetime. “有上帝吗?”“我们能预测未来吗?”“人工智能会比我们聪明吗?”” Betteridge’s law aside, this is a stimulating and warmly written book about life, the universe and everything.
科学如何帮助我们应对人类面临的挑战?这是马丁·里斯关于我们在地球上的未来的书的核心问题。This wide-ranging study touches on nuclear threats, climate change, biotech, AI, spaceflight and the limits of reality. It argues that humanity has reached a critical point, and we need to think about the long-term if we are to survive.
创造自我:青少年大脑的秘密生活,Sarah Jayne Blakemore
还有什么比人类青少年的内在活动更神秘呢?Neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore sheds some light on what’s going on in the brain during adolescence – an important time for development and one at which many mental illnesses first manifest. There’s still plenty we don’t know about the brain, but Blakemore’s book goes some way to explaining what we do, and how that may affect teenage behaviour.
世界各地的80棵树,由Jonathan Drori
Jonathan Drori’s deep-seated love of nature is contagious in this tree-by-tree journey across countries and continents. He tells the story of each selected species with anecdotes about science and culture, from the pollution-busting London plane tree to Tonga’s paper mulberry, cultivated for its fibrous bark. Lucille Clerc精美的插图使这本书能消磨你的时间。
坏血:硅谷创业的秘密和谎言,John Carreyrou
The shocking rise and fall of multimillion-dollar biotech startup Theranos is captured in this book by John Carreyrou, the Wall Street Journal reporter behind the investigation that toppled the company. Theranos claimed its technology could run multiple tests on minute amounts of blood – something Carreyrou and his sources helped to expose as a lie. 最大的问题是:欺诈公司是怎么走到现在的?
Brotopia:Emily Chang解散硅谷少年俱乐部
Silicon Valley might like nothing more than to huff on about its utopian ideals, but this exposé by Bloomberg journalist Emily Chang shows the tech scene for the misogynistic quagmire it is. Based around interviews with high-profile women across the industry, the book builds a damning picture of toxic workplaces where sexual harassment is rife, and calls for women to take down the boys’ club.
亿万富翁拉杰:James Crabtree在印度新镀金时代的旅程
The new generation of India’s super-rich is the subject of James Crabtree’s vivid study of wealth and inequality in the country. The number of billionaires in India has leapt since the introduction of economic liberalisation in 1991, and Crabtree characterises this emerging class as a ruling ‘raj’ regime. There is optimism here as well as grotesqueries, and the book builds a comprehensive portrait of a nation in flux.
想象一下:Beth Comstock的勇气、创造力和变革的力量
The former vice chair of GE has a lot of business nous to share, and she does so with oodles of enthusiasm. In Imagine It Forward, Comstock urges readers to embrace change no matter their level or industry, and to take the lead in assessing and addressing future challenges and opportunities. 这是一个健康的灵感,也有很多有用的建议。
神经状态:William Davies如何感受世界
挖掘我们焦虑的时代。William Davies令人信服地指出,信任下降的权威专家和膨胀机制”产生的世界里,情感规则。从连接之间的民粹主义和身体疼痛的影响,马克·扎克伯格的“注意力经济”,这本书灵活借鉴当下不同的线程。
万物的价值:Mariana Mazzucato在全球经济中的创造与吸收
经济学家Mariana Mazzucato在她的2013本书《创业之州》中掀起了轩然大波。她最近再次审视了我们的经济,问了关于MOD的基本问题。