IoT World亲自宣布2021年活动




随着大型活动安全返回的时间表越来越清晰,我们决定将2021年的IoT World移至2021年4月,会议将于2021年11月2日至4日圣克拉拉会议中心举行

. 现,我们将IoT World首次将北美观众与线全球观众联系起来。

付费参加2020年IoT World live活动的与会者将自动获得同等价值的入场券,以参加秋季亲临活动。


付费参加2020年IoT World live活动的与会者将自动获得同等价值的入场券,以参加秋季亲临活动。*




Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Informa Tech has taken pride in taking early and decisive action to ensure the safety of our attendees, exhibitors, speakers and staff as the situation surrounding in-person events has evolved rapidly.IoT World 2021. Traditionally held in April, the conference will take place November 2-4, 2021, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.IoT World 2021. And after the huge success in attracting international attendees from 94 countries to our virtual IoT World conference in August 2020, the 2021 event will now reach a global audience as hybrid event. We will now connect the in-person North American audience to the online global audience at IoT World, for the first time. As a result, the previous IoT World Europe, IoT World Asia and IoT World China and IoT World Africa will now be held virtually during IoT World, creating a global festival of IoT innovation.Embedded IoT World Virtual and the IoT at the Edge Digital Symposium virtual events, as well as media advertising and/or marketing services opportunities with IoT World Today.

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