Pininfarina Battista宣称全球联网

Automobili Pininfarina的Battista声称自己是世界上第一款具有全球连通性的BEV hypercar



Automobili Pininfarina的Battista声称自己是世界上第一款具有全球连通性的BEV hypercar

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Automobili Pininfarina’s Battista is claiming is claiming to be the world’s first BEV hypercar with worldwide connectivity.

Naturally, the connectivity system receives OTA updates for its onboard software. It is able to remotely update 26 individual electronic control modules in the Battista across functions covering the pure-electric powertrain, advanced safety and driving dynamics systems, vehicle control, infotainment as well as digital services. These software updates can be delivered via wifi when parked within range in the garage, or using the embedded SIM on the road.visit TU-Automotive.


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