ESChat将公共安全用户升级到Amazon AWS GovCloud,以增强安全性和互操作性

ESChat本周宣布,该公司已将其推送通话应用程序的公共安全客户迁移到Amazon AWS GovCloud平台,此举旨提高安全性,并实现与客户陆地移动无线电系统的更大互操作性

ESChat本周宣布,该公司已将其推送通话(push-to-talk-over-cellular,PoC)应用程序的公共安全客户迁移到Amazon AWS GovCloud平台,此举旨提高安全性,并实现与客户陆地移动无线电(LMR)系统的更大互操作性




Lober说,由于所有公共安全客户都使用AWS GovCloud,可以利用ESChat互通功能(IWF)实现ESChat客户之间以及ESChat用户与传统LMR系统之间的可互操作通信







ESChat this week announced that the company has migrated public-safety customers of its push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) application to the Amazon AWS GovCloud platform in a move that is designed to improve security and enable greater interoperability with customers’ land-mobile-radio (LMR) systems.IWCE’s Urgent Communications

“It is exciting … It seems pretty techie, but what it enables from a customer perspective is very big. And then, when we springboard into the Gen 2 product [the ESChat software upgrade slated for release next month], that is even a much bigger deal.”

“A user going into their administrative portal has to go to a different portal, a different URL—it’s small stuff,” Lober said. “From an end user’s point of view, it was completely transparent.

By having all ESChat public-safety customers—military, federal, state, local and even some commercial entities in the sector—use the AWS GovCloud platform, ESChat can more simply enable interoperable communications between agencies using ESChat, according to Lober.

“What hasn’t been there is, if they came back and said, ‘Can we interoperate with this other agency who is an ESChat customer?’ the answer was ‘Maybe’ because it only worked if [the interoperating agency also] was in GovCloud. If they were on our commercial environment, which was the bigger, the answer was ‘No.’”

Although ESChat is using the IWF moniker that the 3GPP standard body uses to describe the interoperability feature within the mission-critical-push-to-talk (MCPTT) standard, Lober said the ESChat IWF is different.

With its IWF offering, ESChat provides a cost-effective method for public-safety agencies to let their PoC users interoperate with users of any LMR system, Lober said. Of course, each agency is responsible for signing a licensing agreement with its LMR vendor—something that is becoming an increasingly common aspect of negotiations, he said.

“Because they’ve heard the horror stories, and they don’t want to circle back to their county commissioners and say, ‘Hey, we need another [price figure] to buy an ISSI license, because we didn’t know.’ They want to purchase it up front.”

“2012 happens to be the year that Amazon created GovCloud, but it didn’t have all of the features that the commercial [offering] had, and there was only one GovCloud data center in the country,” Lober said. “It really took a few years for Amazon to build out the GovCloud environment to where it could do everything we needed it to do.


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